Water Treatment

Dormeco has been active in distributing materials and components for water treatment for water treatment for over 50 years.

Dormeco is active in distribution of materials and components for the desalination industry and for water and wastewater treatment, under the leadership of Doron Meyer who is the owner of the company and an expert in the field of water treatment.

Dormeco represents and distributes leading manufacturers of membranes, ion-exchange resins, as well as a comprehensive range of functional materials such as antiscalants, biocides, activated carbon and filter cartridges. Most products are available for prompt delivery from local stock and are distributed daily all over the country. 

Dormeco is unique in its capabilities to provide technical support to customers on very high level. We assist our customers in process design, selection of equipment and raw materials and trouble shooting.

We use advanced process design software and portable analytical tools for field tests, as well as laboratory procedures to identify the most suitable materials. Above all, we have the knowhow, experience and insight in water treatment, which we are happy to offer to our customers.


All materials supplied by us are certified by international bodies; all products intended for use in drinking water are approved by NSF 60.

Exclusive Suppliers

Dormeco represents and markets products by leading international suppliers, we represent exclusively in Israel:

  • 3M Membranes– the manufacturer of Liqui-Cel gas transfer membranes
  • Mega– a producer of EDI for ultra-pure water and EDR systems for nitrate removal and wastewater concentration
  • Resindion/Mitsubishi Chemical– supplier of ion exchange and polymeric adsorbent resins.
  • Italmatch Flocon brand RO antiscalants

Stock business

We stock and distribute a variety of products for water treatment, such as:

  • Reverse osmosismembranes made by LG Chem Korea for brackish water desalination.
  • UF modules for industrial applications made by DuPont/Inge
  • Standard Ion exchangeresins for industrial water and wastewater treatment, once thru or regenerated systems
  • Activated carbon –coal, coconut or wood base, supplied in granular or powder form, used in water and wastewater treatment plants, air purification and other industrial applications.
  • Biocides– Glutaraldehyde, Isothiazolines, Quaternary ammonium etc. for algae and bacteria control in cooling towers and industrial water systems
  • Flocon range of Antiscalants made by Italmatchfor prevention of chemical precipitation as pretreatment to reverse osmosis.
  • Phosphonates and polyacrylates Antiscalantsused in cleaning compounds and industrial water treatment formulations.
  • Filter Cartridgesmade of spun Polypropylene in different sizes and micron rating used for pretreatment to RO and industrial applications.