Food and Beverages

Dormeco has been a distributor of food ingredients in Israel for over five decades.

Dormeco covers a wide range of products used in the food and beverage industry. We supply to the industry cocoa powder and butter, variety of native and modified starches, gums such as guar and xanthan, alginates and carrageenan, taste enhancers such as yeast extract, MSG, I+G and vegetable proteins as gluten, soy and pea proteins. We carry almost all commercially available sweeteners from polyols (sorbitol, maltitol, isomalt, Erythritol, xylitol) to intensive sweeteners such as saccharine, aspartame, sucralose, stevia and more. 

The Israeli food industry is driven by unique and diverse Kosher requirements, by maintain close relationship with Kosher certifying agencies we help our principals to meet market demands. Most of our products are approved also by B.D.Z. Kashruth department of the Orthodox Council of Jerusalem.

Dormeco employs a professional team including food technologists who keep updating with new products and technologies. We visit customers regularly and help them in finding up to date efficient solutions. 

Most products are available for prompt delivery from local stock and are distributed daily all over the country.


Our suppliers which are leaders in their field and cover wide range of products for this industry support us in bringing the best technical solutions, therefore Dormeco can offer innovative products, provide high level technical support to customers and assist in product design, selection of raw materials and problems solving. 

Exclusive Suppliers

Dormeco represents and markets products by leading international suppliers, we distribute exclusively in Israel:

  • Ajinomoto – Amino Acids, MSG, Nucleotides, Enzymes
  • Algaya – Alginates
  • Angel Yeast – Dry Baking Yeasts, Yeast extract   
  • Cargill Sweetness – Glucose, Dextrose, Polyols
  • Cargill Texturizing – Starches, Pectin, Lecithin, hydrocolloids
  • Cargill Cocoa– Cocoa powder, butter & liquor
  • Cargill Specialty Oils – Specialty oils and fats.
  • Cargill Proteins – Wheat gluten, soy flour, pea protein
  • Cargill Salt – Specialty salts
  • Deosen – Xanthan gum
  • Dingemans– Malts
  • Imperial malt – Malt extract liquid and powder
  • Kanbo International– Sucralose
  • Limagrain– Potato and maize grits, pellets, flours
  • Rama Industries– Guar Gum, Seeds.
  • Sinoglory – Soy concentrates and isolate 

Stock business

We stock and distribute different raw Materials for food and beverage industry, the main products we handle:

  • Cocoa -CARGILL:
    Alkaline cocoa powder 10-12% fat, 20-22% fat
    Natural cocoa powder – 10-12% 22-24% fat
    Cocoa powder with lecithin 10-12% fat
    Cocoa liquor. (Can also be supplied in chips).
    Cocoa Butter.
  • Starches CARGILL:
    Used in different apps such as: Batters, Baking mixes, Dry mixes for soups and sauces, Salad dressing, Spreads and fillings, Meat, pudding powder, sweets

    Natural starch from various sources for cooking / instant (without cooking) – corn, potato, tapioca and wheat.

    Modified starches / instant cook up – from various sources: corn, potato and tapioca- E1442, E1422, E1450


  • Stabilizers / Hydrocolloids CARGILL:
    Serve for a variety of applications: dairy delicacies, soups, sauces, spreads, creams for baking, ice cream, meat and pasta

    Xanthan gum, Guar gum, Carrageenan, Alginates, Pectin, LBG replacement – functional guar gum

  • Vegetable proteins:
    Used in various applications: meat, athletes drinks, milk protein substitute, fodder spreads (milk powder substitute).

    Low-fat soy flour, Soy Protein Isolate 90%, Soy Protein concentrate -70%, Enzymatic soy protein

    Pea protein, TVP Pea 70% and 85%, Rice protein

  • Functional supplements:
    Transglutaminase enzyme -TG by AJINOMOTO- protein bonder used in the meat, fish and milk industries.

    L-Amino acids used as supplements in health food and medicine

    Wheat Gluten – For baking – bread, cakes and meat substitutes

    Soy lecithin liquid and in powder form, Sunflower lecithin – for use as natural emulsifiers and dietary supplements

  • Taste enhancers:
    MSG-Monosodium Glutamate, I + G – nucleotides, Yeast Extracts as natural taste boosters
    MB – Mouthfeel and thickness booster for reduced sugar foodstuffs
  • Sweeteners:
    Dextrose, Glucose – syrup and powder

    Sugar substitutes Polyols: liquid and powder Maltitol, liquid and powder Sorbitol, Erythritol, Isomalt.

    Intensive sweeteners: Sucralose, Stevia, Aspartame, Sodium saccharine, Monk fruit (juice concentrate and powder)

  • Malts:
    A full range of Belgian Malts for the beer industry at different roasting levels
  • Preservatives:
    Vitamin C, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Sodium metabisulfite
  • Food auxiliary materials:
    Ammonium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), SAPP – sodium acid pyrophosphate, Mono calcium phosphate

    Glycerin, Vinegar -Acetic acid 99.85%, Citric acid, Lactic acid

    Titanium dioxide (food and pharma grades), Silica dioxide, Table salt, Alberger salt